Midwest Wakeboard League (Team Action)

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Action Wake Park offers a chance to join a wake team, practice, explore other parks, and compete in the new Midwest Wakeboard League.

Focus on building wake teams at regional parks, promoting serious progression, fun competition, travel and events!
Three Age Divisions:  Ages 11/12/13,   14/15,  16/17  (riders age on Jan 1st of the league year)   

League will have multiple Coaches and each participating park will host 3 or more private league practices.
All age groups will practice together. 

Equipment privided if needed. Boards, life jackets and helmets will be available to use during pratices and events if needed.
This will ensure max individual progression and establish a NEW Team Action community.

League Schedule – 2 Tournaments
Signup before:
Practices: Dates TBD
Stop 1 – West Rock, IL – TBD

Stop 2  – Action, MI – Friday, July 12

Event Awards for 1st-3rd in each division at each event.  
Team Champs, League MVP for each division and the VIBE award presented at the final event.   

Rider cost: $199
Fee Includes: 3+ team practices, 2 contest entry fees, awards and dinners.

Rider Bio Form – https://forms.office.com/r/X88wpUw3y0?origin=lprLink

“Level Up” Divisions.  Note your division’s standard and “level up” skills.  If you can complete some or all the level up skills then you can consider moving up to the next division. Riders may be moved up divisions or placed in higher divisions by the league coach based on skill similar to high school sports.  

Division 11/12/13
Standard skills:

  1. Dock start without assistance.
  2. Complete one turn or full lap.
  3. Controlled turning.
  4. Controlled edge releases. “spray” 
  5. Riding over features

“Level Up” skills:

  1. Board slide a feature
  2. Ollies
  3. Switching to ride goofy 
  4. Grabbing jump tricks, 180s

Division 14/15
Standard skills:

  1. Grabbed jump tricks 
  2. Switching and riding goofy
  3. Board slide features, Ollies
  4. 180s, 360’s, a basic flip

“Level Up” skills:

  1. Ollie on’s, frontside boardslides, Presses 
  2. Spinning 180 on and off features, transfer 
  3. 540’s, flips with 180s. Frontside and backside spinning. 
  4. Tricks with Blind landing

Division 16/17
Standard skills 

  1. Ollie on’s, frontside boardslides, presses
  2. Spinning 180 on and off features, transfers
  3. 540’s, basic flips and flips with 180s, Frontside and backside spinning. 
  4. Tricks with Blind landings

“level Up” skills:

  1. Transfers with front and backside spins, 270’s, 450’s on and or off features
  2. Flip with full spin “mobe”
  3. Flip with blind landing 
  4. 720’s frontside and backside spins

18+ and 16/17  “level up” riders are encouraged to ride is the RGR AM Division