2016 Demo Boards for Sale

In Specials by Jathan Koetje

Our 2016 demo fleet is for sale! They are $200 each and available at the Action Water Sports Hudsonville location starting today. This is a perfect deal for someone looking to get into cable wakeboarding, looking to upgrade their setup, or Christmas present.

Here is what’s available:

LF Dose Shane 139
LF Dose Shane 145
LF Dose Watson 140
LF Tao 41
LF Raph LFN Awesome 139
LF Raph LFN Awesome 143
LF Peak 145

Ronix One 138
Ronix One 142
Ronix Quarter Till Midnight 135
Ronix Bill 140

Hyperlite Union 138
Hyperlite Cable Collective 138
Hyperlite Cable Collective 143
Hyperlite Franchise 139
Hyperlite Franchise 143
Hyperlite Wishbone 138
Hyperlite Wishbone 143