Park Jam Results | September 16

In Competitions by Jathan Koetje

Our Park Jam didn’t disappoint! We love this contest because it allows riders to combine style with creativity and get awarded for it – not just the biggest best tricks! Huge thanks to everyone who came and rode.



  1. Landen Matt
  2. Brian Rice
  3. Austin Borgman


  1. Josh Lublow
  2. Dylan Hoogeboom
  3. Merv Schwartz


  1. Justin Lublow
  2. Jimmy Schmidt
  3. Logan VandenHuevel


  1. Kaitlyn Adams
  2. Kallie Spidahl


  1. Steve Lee
  2. Kaitlyn Adams
  3. Scot Ferwerda

Best Style All Divisions

Josh Lublow

Most Creative Jam Womens

Kaitlyn Adams

Best Crash All Divisions

Austin Borgman

Most Creative Jam Wakeskate

Marley Foote

Most Creative Jam Wakeboard

Fletcher Huberts

Best Send All Divisions

Adam Sinclair

Most Locked In Riders

Landon Matt | Beginner
Josh Lublow | Intermediate
Fletcher Huberts | Advanced
Kaitlyn Adams | Womens
Kaitlyn Adams | Wakeskate