Action Wake Park Presented by MasterCraft

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Vonore, TN – MasterCraft Boat Company announces its partnering with Action Wake Park, Michigan’s newest premier action sports complex. Action Wake Park, a full-service cable watersports park that will be opening the summer of 2015, is the brainchild of one the country’s most distinguished marine dealers, Action Water Sports.

A first of it’s kind in the state of Michigan, Action Wake Park will have the most sophisticated cable system to tow wakeboarders and waterskiers around the custom engineered lake. “We’ve been watching cable parks grow over the last 5 years and see them as another great opportunity to spend time on the water with friends and families,” said Jerry Brouwer, President of Action Water Sports. “It matches our goals at AWS of ‘Bringing Families Together’ and we’re excited to be able to offer this new form of recreation to the community.

While MasterCraft’s main business is the promoting and selling of the worlds best performance towboats, it fully supports the growth in cable park recreation. MasterCraft currently backs a handful of cable systems, including KC Watersports and The Boarding School. “MasterCraft has known of AWS plans to create a cable watersports park and has always had interest in partnering with them,” says Jay Povlin, MasterCraft VP of sales and marketing. “We are aware the cost of getting into watersports can be quite high so the thought of allowing people to ‘rent’ the sport in the short term and get hooked for the long term can only be good for those of us in the watersports industry.”

The park will significantly reduce the cost to get into wakeboarding and waterskiing. The park will operate similar to a downhill ski resort where guests can rent gear and pay for a cable pass by the hour or by the day.

The project will begin excavation later this spring and will be located near the current Action Water Sports dealership in Hudsonville, Michigan. The project is expected to be completed and open for business this summer.