Cash for Tricks

In Competitions by Dakota Goldsmith

Presented by: Action Wake Park X Follow Wake 

  • What: Unique Cash Prize Contest
  • Where: Action Wake Park
  • When: June 19th Riders Meeting 7:45AM
  • Who: Pro’s and Joes’s

Cash For Tricks:

Follow Wake has put their money where their mouth is and are offering up $1500 of cold hard cash for our next big contest. Cash for Tricks… Cash for Tricks will give you the opportunity to take home a portion of the $1500 on the line! Impress the judges with style, tech, and quality in your riding to win some cash!

The format of the contest will be loose and fun with the goal of pushing you to the next level. 

All riders will be on the dock in no particular order, these riders will then be announced a specific feature on the lake that we will focus on. Once we begin, everyone will get 3 attempts to put their best on display on this specific feature only. Judges will be looking for the best trick, most style, most progression, or best crash and will split up some cash based on who did these items and impressed them the most. The more you impress the more you win! Once you get your three attempts on the feature, you are to get off of the cable to allow everyone else their attempts. You are to wait for everyone to finish before we move on to the next feature as a group. 

Once everyone is done with the feature, we will gather around the dock and the cash winners and amounts are announced and handed out to that features winners.  

Head to to register online today!