WWA National Points Chase #3 | Recap

In Events by Jathan Koetje

That’s a wrap for Points Chase stop #3! Yesterday featured riders that were going bigger than ever. Rightly so as this was the last traditional cable contest of the season. The top 5 riders over the past three traditional cable contests qualify for nationals and that last nationals spot was being fought for. The top five riders in each division for traditional cable will be announced tomorrow at 3pm. For the features only contest, riders have one more contest next Saturday, the 23rd, to prove who is going to nationals.

However, until then, stayed tuned at 3pm tomorrow for the announcement of traditional cable national qualifers. Here is the recap from yesterday:

Photos courtesy of Kallie Walker Photography. All the photos from yesterday can be seen here.


Traditional Cable Contest

Beginner Wakeboard


  1. Kendall Kupper
  2. Marley Foote
  3. Mac Kilmer
  4. Brian Rice
  5. Lucabella Giordano

Amateur Wakeskate


  1. Brendon Thibodeau
  2. Takoda Mundy
  3. Josh Lublow
  4. Justin Lublow
  5. Makayo Mundy
  6. Jake Lublow
  7. Marley Foote

Novice Wakeboard


  1. Justin Lublow
  2. Fletcher Hubertys
  3. Josh Lublow
  4. Ryan Harris
  5. Takoda Mundy
  6. Jake Lublow
  7. Chris Kupper
  8. Kyra Marks

Intermediate Wakeboard


  1. Adam Marks
  2. Tyler Gebben
  3. Brendon Thibodeau
  4. Faron Fry
  5. Sonny Sullivan
  6. Aaron Leestma
  7. Matt Blew
  8. Steve Pysh

Advanced Wakeboard


  1. Dylan Mead
  2. Derek Huntoon
  3. Scot Ferwerda
  4. Dannie Miller
  5. Makayo Mundy
  6. Logan VandenHeuvel
  7. Drake Mechigian
  8. Hunter Thane

Features Only Contest

Open/Pro Women


  1. Kyra Marks
  2. Lucabella Giordano



  1. Scot Ferwerda
  2. Steve Pysh
  3. Chris Kupper

Open Men


  1. Aaron Leestma
  2. Matt Blew
  3. Steve Jesionowski
  4. Sonny Sullivan

Junior Men


  1. Brendon Thibodeau
  2. Drake Mechigian
  3. Tyler Gebben
  4. Adam Marks



  1. Fletcher Huberts
  2. Takoda Mundy
  3. Justin Lublow
  4. Makayo Mundy
  5. Ryan Harris
  6. Mac Kilmer



  1. Kendall Kupper
  2. Josh Lublow

Pro Men


  1. Logan VandeHeuvel
  2. Dylan Mead
  3. Hunter Thane
  4. Dannie Miller
  5. Derek Huntoon