What is a Cable Park?

In Press Release by Dakota Goldsmith

What is a Cable Park?

This is the number one question we receive when we introduce people to a Cable Wake Park for the first time. The answer we give 99% of the time is a quick comparison to something most people understand.

Simply put, a Cable Wake Park, or just Wake Park for short, is a Ski Resort for water sports.

In place of a hill as the cause for movement, a wake park uses a set of overhead cables and carriers on a set “track” to pull you by a rope and handle around a body of water. Wake Parks are facilities people go to, to enjoy wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiing, and wakeskating. Similar to how people go to a Ski Resort to enjoy snowboarding, and skiing.

Why don’t you just ride behind a boat?

People who have the access to water and a boat understand the fun of going out on the lake during summer weekends, but not everyone has the money or means to own a boat. One of the benefits that wake parks bring to the industry is that they are facilities that offer access to water sports for those who don’t have access to a boat or body of water. Water sports are no longer limited to those who own or know someone who owns a boat.

Not only this, but Cable Parks make the water sports learning process a little easier as it is in a much more controlled environment. At a Cable Park, all the instruction can happen on the start dock where you are face to face with your instructor for the starting process.

See this link for how to get up at the cable park.

Where as when you are behind a boat you are often 60+ FT behind the boat having to yell to the rider in the water, making it a little more difficult to give the instruction needed. At the Wake Park you are also not having to fight waves from passing boats which often frustrate beginner level riders as they struggle to stay in the correct form as waves push them around. Cable Parks are a great place to learn before hitting the lake in your new boat!

Along with those reasons, people often just enjoy different styles of riding. Many people just want to ride around on a board casually or some want to hit rails and jumps. A Cable Park is the only place where you have the opportunity to do both of these forms of riding in the same place. Cable Parks offer limitless progression from just learning to get up to learning incredibly technical tricks. We can have beginners and pros standing side by side in line enjoying the fun and stoke of water sports together all without limiting the pro or hindering the beginner. For those of you who may be intimidated by higher level riders, Action Wake Park offers slow cable times which enables a more beginner friendly environment as the pull speed is reduced during these times.

Action Wake Parks slow cable times vary and are linked below.

Can anyone ride at a wake park?

Of course, beginners to pros, anyone and everyone is welcome. Majority of Wake Parks will have options for beginners as to ensure the best experience for them. Often this means beginner group/individual lessons, summer camps for kids, discounts for beginners, or progression packs that offer multiple passes. Here at Action Wake Park we have a large list of offerings, many of which, are tailored to help beginners progress and fall in love with water sports as we all have.

Linked below, the bookings page of the Action Wake Park website

So come and join in the fun!

A Wake Park is a place that any and all of those who wish to try water sports can go and have that addictive experience that drives those of us who ride everyday. We who live and work to wakeboard, water ski, and wake skate all summer long can’t wait until the doors to the park open, so make sure to set that countdown on your phone to opening day (May 11th for Action Wake Park) in the spring and get ready to return to the place that is always filled with smiles.

If you have anymore questions or would like to schedule your first ride, please make sure to give us a call or stop by Action Wake Park today!

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