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Devon Main

Snowboarder turned cable wakeboarder, Devon spent most of his summer hanging out at Action Wake Park. The first thing you’ll notice is his hair, but Devon’s got one of the personalities you’ll always remember. He loved hanging out with people at the park and watching everyone progress as much as he loved riding.

Where are you from?

Hudsonville, MI

How and when did you start wakeboarding?

I first tried wakeboarding in middle school. My friend had a boat at his cottage that we would use..

How did you start cable wakeboarding?

On spring break a few years ago. My friend Nick took me to Texas and we rode at BSR Cable Park for the week.

What makes cable wakeboarding different than riding behind the boat?

Cable wakeboarding relates a lot more to me because I’m a huge snowboarder. It is easier to transfer the tricks I could snowboarding to the cable park, which makes it fun. Although riding behind the boat is fun, I would much rather ride at the cable park over the boat.

With this being the first year we were open, how was your experience?

I had a great time at the park this summer! It was super fun meeting new people and pushing each other all summer long to learn new tricks.

What was your favorite part about AWP?

Living in Hudsonville, I really liked how close the park was to my house. It was also cool to see how it brought all of the wakeboarders in Michigan together to hang out pretty much every day..

What was your favorite feature at AWP?

My favorite was probably the Liquid Force Bank Rail or the Billabong Double Kink Rail.

What is your best memory at AWP?

I loved watching new people enjoy the park and get into water sports. Watching them learn to wakeboard or kneeboard was the best.