Rail Garden Rampage

In Competitions by Dakota Goldsmith

July 24 | 9AM

RGR… A RAIL ONLY contest in true head-to-head fashion. You versus everyone else. Who will be the last one standing after the bracket finishes? No kickers… No air tricks… impress the judges with your technicality and style on rails to take home a portion of the $3,000 on the line! 

During RGR we will be holding two different brackets, an Amateur Bracket and an Open Bracket. The Open Bracket will be capped at 32 Riders and this is where the best of the best will duke it out for the $3,000. All signups will be taken online at www.actionwakepark.com/bookings. Signups will be live soon so keep any eye on our social media for an announcement on this!  

Both brackets you are guaranteed at least two ride opportunities. We will have an LCQ for the first-round losers in the Amateur Bracket and LCQ for every round of the Open Bracket. Meaning you must lose twice before you are out of the contest. 

The contest will NOT be seeded, instead we will be holding a live drawing of the bracket placements for the Open Bracket on Friday July 23rd at the park. This will create a random drawing for the placements and call for some potentially interesting matchups… 

Open Bracket Prize Money will be… 

  • 1st Place – $1000 
  • 2nd Place – $750 
  • 3rd Place – $500 
  • 4th Place – $400 
  • 5th Place – $250 
  • 6th Place – $100 

How much are you taking home?