What to expect your first trip to Action Wake Park

In Press Release by Dakota Goldsmith

By giving guests the opportunity to learn how to wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard in a controlled environment, we’ve been able to bring water sports to a whole new audience. Before, if you didn’t have a boat—or know someone with a boat—you couldn’t participate in water sports. Now, it’s as simple as heading down to your closest cable park, strapping in, and taking off.

It may seem intimidating if you’re planning on visiting us for the first time. Rest assured, we deliver a premium experience for all of our guests—from first-time riders or experienced pros. Here’s what you need to know if you are thinking about giving our full-sized cable park a try:

1. Before visiting Action Wake Park, fill out the e-waiver online to save time checking in and get on the water faster!

2. You’ll be able to find us at 3320 Hudson Trails Dr, Hudsonville, MI 49426. Our facility is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, so be sure to take the driveway on the left. Once you arrive, follow the sidewalk and enter the building.

From here on, our staff at Action Wake Park will walk you through it all!

3. Next, get checked in at the ticket counter. First, we’ll check if you have a waiver on file; if not, you can fill it out in line! Then purchase your wake park pass. You will have the option between a 2-hour pass, 4-hour pass, or all-day pass. You’ll then receive a wristband. Hint: it’s easier to use if placed on your right hand!

4. If it’s your first time at Action Wake Park, your rentals are free! So, head over to the rental counter, and we’ll hook you up with some perfectly fitted gear. And just like that, you’re ready to get on the water!

5. Once outside, you can place your belongings on the lounge chairs and tables. Changing rooms are on the left side of the building. Then put on your gear and head over to the line by the blue dock.

6. If it’s your first time getting off the dock, let an Action Wake Park employee know! There will always be two employees on the dock: an operator and a coach. They are there to help you get off the dock with confidence.

7. First, scan your wristband under the scanner on your right (hint: you will do this every time you’re on the dock). Then, it’s time to start, so turn your board to your natural riding stance. Typically, your dominant foot is your back foot and provides the power steering.

8. There are two popular ways to get off the dock; the easiest way is the slide start. Here, you will shift your weight over your back foot and bend your knees. The driver will then give you a handle. You will want to make sure the handle is tight to your front hip. The operator will check to make sure you’re ready, so when the carrier comes around, it’ll hook your rope, and you’ll slide off the dock.

9. If the slide start isn’t for you, sit on the edge of the starting dock. It is a similar position to starting behind a boat. Remember to keep your elbows and knees slightly bent and lean back to keep the front end of your board out of the water. Once the carrier has grabbed your rope, point your board in the direction of the straightaway.

10. Eventually, you can work your way up to a jumpstart! For a jumpstart, you will stand on the ramp of the dock. When the carrier comes around the corner, wait for a click, count to three, and jump away from the dock. A jumpstart is an intermediate trick, so it may take a few tries to get the hang of it!

11. While riding, lean toward your back foot; this will keep the nose of your board up and out of the water. Once you’re up riding, you can start carving on the straightaways. Make sure to go between the buoys on every corner so that you will get less slack.

12. If you don’t make it to the buoys or are worried you might hit another rider or feature, let go of the handle, swim to shore, and walk back to the starting dock for your next turn.

Thanks for reading!

Cable wakeboarding is a great way to spend a day on the water. In case you didn’t know, we also offer learn-to-ride sessions. These sessions include thorough coaching and slow cable speeds for the entire duration of the session.

Please contact us with any questions, and we’d love to have you join us at the lake!