Second WWA Points Chase Competition Set for Tomorrow

In Events by Jathan Koetje

The second WWA National Points Chase contest is set to begin tomorrow! We still are looking to field our team for nationals and we want you. Come out and ride (or just watch on our beautiful patio). This competition will have two formats, one being traditional cable and the other being features only. The feature will be the left kicker (either one of the two left kickers). Here are the details:


Wednesday, July 6th 2016


Registration: 4pm – 5pm
Contest: 5pm – 8pm


Action Wake Park
3320 Hudson Trails Dr.
Hudsonville, MI 49426


Registration begins one hour before the competition (4pm-5pm) and is $15 for each division.

  • Entry fee is in addition to your park pass that must be purchased for the day. You may purchase a cable pass for $35 2/hours, $45 4/hours, or $55 all day.
  • Season pass holders must still register for each division they wish to compete in
  • Open riding and practice times anytime contest is not running.


Traditional Cable

  • Beginner Wakeboard
  • Amateur Wakeskate
  • Novice Wakeboard
  • Intermediate Wakeboard
  • Advanced Wakeboard
  • Professional Wakeskate
  • Professional Wakeboard

Features Only

  • Open/Pro Women
  • Masters (30+)
  • Open Men (19-29)
  • Junior Men (15-18)
  • Boys (10-14)
  • Groms (9 & under)
  • Professional Men

(age determined as of January 1st, 2016)


Traditional Cable
Each rider will get two turns. The rider’s run will begin when he or she leaves the dock and will continue until he or she falls, or the carrier reaches tower one a second time. This means the rider gets a full lap and an extra pass on the first stretch. The rider must let go before tower one. We will go through the complete order a second time. The judges will choose the riders best run and discard the other completely.

Features Only
Each week the park will choose ONE different feature fitting:
1. Rail/Transfer Left
2. Rail/Transfer Right
3. Kicker Left (July 5th features only, either kicker is allowed)
4. Kicker Right
(The order is up to the Action Wake Park)
The riders will be given multiple attempts (two or three) on one single chosen feature for that week and then ranked by best trick completed. At most parks each rider will go taking all three attempts before the next rider leaves the dock. If the rider falls he or she will be picked up by the cable system as allowed by the park. After four weeks of competitions, each area will be covered and the riders overall ranking will be decided by their top three scores.


Traditional Cable
Beg. Wakeboard: 50% Features/30% Kickers/10% Ollie Tricks/10% Composition
Am. Wakeboard: 35% Features/35% Kickers/20% Flats Tricks/10% Composition
Nov. Wakeboard: 40% Features/40% Kickers/10% Ollie & Air Tricks/10% Composition
Int. Wakeboard: 35% Features/35% Kickers/20% Ollie & Air Tricks/10% Composition
Pro Wakeskate & Adv. and Pro Wakeboard: 30% Sliders/30% Kickers/30% Air Tricks/10% Composition

Features Only
All Divisions: 45% Features/45% Kickers/10% Composition

For more information on the rules, scoring, and trick limitations, click here.