Top Picks: 2016 Cable Wakeboards and Wakeskates

In Product Reviews by Jathan Koetje

Your gear is the key to your success at the cable park. Good thing we’ve scoured the land (or just our inventory) to find a few of our favorite decks you need to be on this Summer. From boosty kicker oriented boards, to flexy slider boards, and even a wakeskate, we’ve got you covered. Check out a few of our favorites below


Hyperlite Wishbone

Hyperlite’s claim to fame on this board is the new airshock wood core that gives the board an incredible amount of energy, resilience, and snap. The Wishbone is also one of the widest shapes offered in their cable lineup, allowing for a stable feel on landings in addition to stability on kickers and sliders in the park.

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Ronix Press Play

If you are a rider who charges kickers and fuels off of the adrenaline rush of height, this board is for you. The press play has a shape that’s easy to ride, but designed to boost you off of the kicker. Its 3 stage riding style flexes a bit more in the tip and tail, but stiff enough in the middle to be consistent every time. Send the air tricks with the Ronix Press Play!

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Liquid Force Tao

A launch vehicle for the true park enthusiast looking to progress past the crowd! This board was designed with Daniel Grants riding style in mind – fly higher and further than ever before. The stepped deck thickens the board under your feet and thins it out towards the tip and tail giving you enough rigidity to stomp 25′ airs but enough flexibility at the tip and tail for presses.

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Ronix Boomstick

The name “boomstick” comes from the lively materials sourced to make this 14 lb. stockier skate. Don’t let the weight scare you off as this offers more board control on the water. The shape is also bi-level, which creates a more consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional single level skate, yet still has the stability for somebody just taking the drop. Plus, this is Reed Hansen’s pro model who is arguably the best wakeskater today.

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