Traditional Cable National Qualifiers

In Events by Jathan Koetje

The time has come to announce our traditional cable nationals team! Thank you for all those who competed this season and congratulations to those who qualified for nationals.

Click here for nationals information or here to sign up for nationals.

Beginner Wakeboard
1. Kendall Kupper
2. Mac Kilmer
3. Marley Foote
4. Brian Rice
5. Lucabella Giordano
Amateur Wakeskate
1. Kaitlyn Adams
2. Takoda Mundy
3. Brendon Thibodeau
4. Josh Lublow
5. Justin Lublow
Novice Wakeboard
1. Justin Lublow
2. Ryan Harris
3. Josh Lublow
4. Fletcher Huberts
5. Takoda Mundy
Intermediate Wakeboard
1. Tyler Gebben
2. Aaron Leestma
3. Adam Marks
4. Sonny Sullivan
5. Brendon Thibodeau
Advanced Wakeboard
1. Derek Huntoon
2. Scot Ferwerda
3. Logan VandenHeuvel
4. Drake Mechigian
5. Mikayo Mundy
Pro Wakeskate
1. Alex Ambs
2. Brendon Thibodeau